The Retweet Squad is a community within the NFT SUPPLY LLC Discord in which tweets are automatically posted on the discord. This allows other members of the Discord to Like and Retweet your post without needing to leave the server. As NFT SUPPLY LLC is focused around the NFT Community, this will ensure that your post engagements are Organic and Targeted towards your intended audience

The Problem: 

There are too many Influencers across social media offering promotional posts with ”guaranteed” Likes and Retweets. There are two Cons to this:


-Fake Engagement

Many of these influencers charge $200+ per Post and $100+ per Retweet. They then use these funds to purchase engagement for your post, which is completely UNACCEPTABLE

The Fix:


 How Does It Work?

Once subscribed, you will open a "Twitter Handle Ticket" and the automation will be set up.  It is that easy!


There is a Subscription fee of $5 per month. There is also the option to purchase the RETWEET SQUAD NFT which grants lifetime access to the Retweet Squad 

Subscription and NFT Links can be found in Discord

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