NFT SUPPLY LLC has built a NFT Universe in AltspaceVr

This Metaverse is NOT tied to Crypto, NFT Worlds, or anything of such sort. 

This is a completely customizable and buildable Metaverse that can be used on the computer or via Oculus

Each “World” consists of an island. The islands are HUGE

This land will be connected to the NFT SUPPLY UNIVERSE, allowing people to teleport from Metaverse to Metaverse within the universe.

There are 5 Island Templates that can be built on and added to the NFT SUPPLY Universe.

Each Island has its own unique Design and Terrain layout

To put into perspective the size of the islands:

A VR player has a 1x2 ratio, The SMALLEST island has a ratio of 1900x1027

AltspaceVR provides each world with various kits to Customize and Build anything Imaginable. 

More Information can be found in Discord

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